March 1, 2013

5 great ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day (2013)

international womens dayThe International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on 8th March. The celebration is aimed at recognizing the economic, social and political achievements of women worldwide. Women have been marginalized for a long time in many countries. There are still very many countries where women are denied equal access to opportunities enjoyed by men. The International Women’s Day aims at recognizing women’s contributions worldwide especially due to the fact that their roles are undermined or undervalued. Women must continue fighting for equal opportunities even in fields that were once reserved for men i.e. leadership.

The International Women’s Day is highly regarded worldwide to the extent that some countries have declared March 8th a national holiday. Such countries i.e. the United States reserve the day for celebrating women’s achievements in the past century. March 8th is a time for women to think about where they have come from, where they want to go and what they are doing to achieve that. It is also a time to recognize great women who have played significant roles in the fight for equality.

If you are wondering how you will celebrate International Women’s Day this year (2013), below are some good ideas for you or your organization to take up.

1. Educate yourself on women’s movements, struggles and progress

This is one of the best International Women’s Day celebration ideas you can use. The reason is simple; One of the main reasons International Women’s Day was set up is to educate women and the world about women’s struggles and their progress over the past century. You can make this International Women’s Day meaningful by reading about women’s struggles and movements. You can easily find all the information you need about women struggles, movements and their progress on the internet. Educating yourself will help you understand in-depth why the International Women’s Day is very important. You will realise that there is more to the day than participating in demonstrations and being out of work. The International Women’s Day is highly commercialised nowadays so you need to be educated to spend the day engaging in meaningful activities.

2. Participate in organized activities in your locality

Another good way to spend International Women’s Day is to participate in organized activities in your locality. You can decide to spend March 8th attending parades organized to honour women who have made significant contributions to the society in the fight for gender equality, and in the fight against oppression and marginalization of women. Such parades or demonstrations are more meaningful than staying at home and enjoying a day off on March 8th. You can also decide to attend forums organized to tackle women’s issues in your locality. Participating in organized activities will open your eyes to the real challenges faced by many women worldwide. You can even decide to do something about it to help women who are suffering.

3. Organize a party or day of celebration

This International Women’s Day idea is perfect for an organization. You can decide to organize a party in your organization or office to celebrate determined and courageous women in the past and present world. Organizing such an event has more meaning than simply giving your employees a day off. The party or day of celebrations should be fun and open for all including men. This will ensure that everyone enjoys and gets educated. The day of celebrations doesn’t have to take the whole day; you can organize a short party i.e. a three hour party for interacting, holding presentations and exchanging ideas. You should make sure that you don’t commercialise the celebrations i.e. don’t be extravagant. Organize a simple meaningful party.

4. Take care of yourself

This is another perfect International Women’s Day idea if you want to spend March 8th on your own. International Women’s Day is also about empowering women which starts by taking care of yourself especially health wise. If you have always wanted to; start exercising or eating healthy, you can use this day to plan and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself through exercise and healthy eating is the first step to empowering yourself as a woman. You need a healthy and energetic body to chase your dreams and make a significant difference in the world. Spending International Women’s Day taking care of yourself is therefore a great idea.

5. Honour important women in your life

This is also among the best International Women’s Day ideas you can adopt. Everyone has that special woman or women in their life i.e. mother, sister, wife, daughter or girlfriend. You can use March 8th to honour such women. Let them know the important role they have played in your life. This idea is also applicable for your organization. You can honour important women in your organization by holding a party for them.

In summary, the International Women’s Day is an important day for everyone. The above ideas should help you have a meaningful international women’s day celebration as opposed to the highly commercialised celebrations most people have nowadays.

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